above image: Mechanical Cloud

below image: Chicken Armor #4



       "DARKFOWL is created as a place I can go to interact with my art and characters in addition to my studio and my imagination. It is also a space where others can visit and explore who enjoy the same types of images I do. 

     It is a place where my art  exists at the same time  in the same space. It shows my current art projects, my past works and art that I hope to create as works in progress.

           I hope it becomes a place where others leave comments and gather to talk about art.

           Enjoy!    Laugh out loud!
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Release your inner chicken"

                   Gwendolyn Rodig


      Armored Chicken Warrior #22
                      ( in progress )

These are STILLS from my current
Claymation/ mixed media animation
I am working on.

                "Ryu cho"

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