site updates at a glance
  I will use this page as a place visitors can go to see if this site has been updated and what areas have new items or images.  i hope this will make the site easier to navigate through
 new info on What the Fowl page

  Homepage has new images with links

 Bits and Pieces page will have odd doodles and parts and parts of messed up images I will complete that page soon.

   I have updated the site with a few new

  check out-

     Animation link
       Current project link
     Home page
   added a new link: Mechanical Clouds
      and for all those that have been               asking for...
        CHICKEN #3 to be put on the site.  -                     I did.  (new link)

  I will creating another painting for a second charity event in April.

            MADMAN PROJECT
              A GREAT Event!!

             Chickens for Charity
              MAD MAN PROJECT

new images on the comic book page

  new images on the Fowl sketches page

  a book of my images will be available
  soon. any interested visitors please contact me through the site's contact page


somewhere on this site is

"the underground"

it's a link to a page not easily found

where my dirty little art secrets exist
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