current projects being developed

    I am working with bronze casting and creating a chicken armor piece.  I hope to incorporate various elements of mechanical gears and metal parts within the piece.  I will put the image up as soon as the work is done.  It is still being worked on. 

Here is the sculpture of my first bronze casting  (Wax version) detail image


Below is an image of my latest Ceramic Chicken Armor.


Chicken Armor #4 Ceramic and leather with rust finish


  I am working on  a series

of "ceramic Chicken Armor".

as well as "ceramic fish armor" and "ceramic Dragonfly armor"

    I am currently working on creating stop motion character puppets of my armored birds

for an animation I wish to start.

 "Ceramic Chicken Armor"

ceramic stoneware with gun metal stain

approx. 2 1/4" W X 6 1/2" H


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