commonly asked questions about my art
why chickens?    why birds?

    When I began this series    I was struggling to find my art voice -

" the thing that would set my images apart from others"

    As with all artists we struggle to create something entirely new and inventive, alive and alluring,
fearless , unrelenting
yet very interesting to viewers.

  It is not as easy as it sometimes looks

    I have always had an appreciation for birds    -  they are so well made, and their colors are incredible and striking.
  and their eyes seem to pierce right through you as if as a sense of self -preservation .

  One day in my studio ...
   after working and struggling again and again , day after day ( that's what you need to do) keep on going until you push through that wall of boring crap art that we make until we hit upon a new idea, a new texture, a new method for making ART.

  I began my fowl series.

   In my studio I spread out on the

 table all my favorite images:

images from comic books, graffiti

images with all the colors, photos of

armor, Japanese warriors pictures,

engine parts,

weapon images from the ages and of

course my books on birds.

  I simply created a visual train wreak

   BAM!!!!       I attempted to slam all these wonderful textures, images, line making, mark making, colors, ideas together.

    and out came my fowl warriors portraits.

  and now they are loose running around in my head. They are multiplying and taking on characteristics and thier own histories and personal baggage. 

 I now have ideas for comic books and animations and new paintings.

    I hope my art is enjoyed

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