This image is just a small part of a more complete set.  "Ryu cho" is the claymation / mixed media animation I am currently embarking on.  It is a quirky, odd little story about , well lots of things, but it starts off about three brothers.  The Antonelli brothers.  The brothers are in thier later years and are well established world travelers, adventurers and inventors of bizarre things.  Two of the brothers are missing.  Our story begins as Boken ( the favorite nephew of the three brothers) is about to turn 9 and a celebration is planned.  But what has become of the missing two Uncles.

I am hoping to display some of my animations, I need to ensure they are compatible first

 I added a few images of "Flume"  he is a dragon Butterfly - one of the characters in "Ryu cho"

 see link on this page
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